Rock Quarry Productions offers wholesale and retail rental programs to accomodate your needs. Whether you want to try a product before you purchase, augment existing inventory, or add something unique to make your event stand out, Rock Quarry Productions can provide the gear that you need. Rock Quarry Productions' rental programs allow our clients to maximize their audio-visual budget by purchasing only what they need, while still having what they want when that special occasion arises. Or maybe you want to bid on that large job, but need additional equipment; or host a large event while saving on costs by renting gear and doing it yourself. How can we help you?



Or, if you prefer to let our experience work for you, our Event Production Services Department offers turn-key packages with the equipment, personnel and logistical support to make your event as smooth and professional as possible. Whether you need sound, lighting, staging, backline stage gear, video production and large-format display, or logistical assistance, Rock Quarry Productions has the expertise to make your event stand out.

Sound Reinforcement Services
Sound Reinforcement Equipment and Services for all event types and sizes.
Lighting Services
Lighting Equipment and Services from Stage Illumination to Special Effects.
Stages, Stage Roofs, Risers, Production Scaffolding
Stages, Stage Roofs, Tents, Risers, Crowd Barricade, Production Scaffolding
Backline Services and Musical Instrument Rentals
Drum kits and Percussion, Bass Amps, Guitar Amps, Keyboards and Organs
Video Projection, Special Effects, and other Production Services
Video Projectors and Displays, LED walls, Cameras and Switcher Systems




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